Development Strategies

Focusing on IT, energy, natual resources, new materials and health industry, BOCO leverages its group advantages to bolster its core competitiveness, boost profit capabilities,  and to achieve sustainable growth.

Strategic Elements in the New 12 Years (2013-2025)

Strategic Fields:

IT, energy, resources, new materials, biochemical technology

Strategic Measures:

Promote industrialization of new and high technologies. Keep creating new core competence and profit growth points.

Strategic Objectives:

Realize healthy and sustainable development of the company and the staff.

Keywords of Team Building:

Special Forces
Sharp Shooter
Be Reliable

Features of Special Forces:

Strong exploratory capability; occupying the blue sea; elite personnel; strong will; excellent capability

Standard of Special Forces: 

Play their roles normally in specially severe situations. Be extremely reliable!

The Content of “Be extremely reliable”:

Be trustworthy and reliable. The forces practice the principles of “accountability, obedience, cleanness, high efficiency and integrity”. They must win trust of investors, clients, partners, colleagues and friends and be dependable. The higher the credit and trustworthiness degree of a team is, the higher the value of the team and the team members will be.

In order to win trust, we should:

1. Be loyal and self-discipline. Never deceive the superior or delude the subordinate;
2. Fulfill assignments completely;
3. Learn and predict proper and reasonable demands of the clients and work out solutions and produce products as soon as possible so as to satisfy the clients and improve ourselves.