Elites here can find truthfulness;
Sincerity here can form intimate friendship;
Shining here is ideal;
Greatly unfolding here is wisdom;
Vigorously burgeoning youthfulness;
Oh, the torrential energy converged from all corners of the land
Has increased wealth and respect for you and me, and
Is contributing to the great rise of an ancient nation;
Oh, the heroic members of Bright Oceans
A high-spirited, vigorous, daring, and energetic group
Advocate healthiness and harmony, have a vigorously developing business;
Advocate high efficiency and practicality, be sincere and serious;
With a high sense of responsibility, we know how to cherish values;
Intelligent and capable, we have rigid disciplines;
Good at both attacking and defending, we create success;
Developing international markets, we are irresistible;
For the sake of making the people rich, making the nation prosperous, and making scientific development, we are fighting tooth and nail!
Fighting tooth and nail!!
Fighting tooth and nail!!!